The matrix is getting denser, you can feel it. The world seems to be at the verge of a huge shift and the old paradigms are starting to fall apart but not without a fight. The wars, the drama and chaos are but a desperate cry from the cabal trying to hold on to their hidden agendas and control. What many people are not aware of is that we are in the middle of an ascension cycle (Stellar Activation Cycle) which happens only 25,556 years. This particular cycle began on the year 2000 and since then the Earth has been progressively receiving higher frequency downloads in preparation for ascension.

Due to the energetic blockages on the Earth’s grids, many of which have been implanted on purpose to avoid the ascension of Earth, the higher frequency downloads are causing what is known as molecular compaction. What this means is that when the higher frequencies coming “down” on Earth encounter those energetic blockages these frequencies will “push down” on these energetic blockages. When this happens the energetic blockages will react with chaotic energy until the higher frequencies are able to breakthrough and finally the discordant energies will be released and the Earth will be able to accrete more light.

As children of the Earth we live inside the Earth’s womb or her auric field. And just like the Earth which has stargates and an auric field, we have chakras and an auric field as well. So whatever the Earth experiences so will the human race. That means that if you have energetic blockages in your chakras and auric field these higher frequency downloads will cause molecular compaction and result in chaotic experiences like drama, pain, suffering and/or fear. Right now more than ever it is imperative that we clear ourselves of as many energetic blockages as we can:

Auric attachments

Karmic imprints

Energetic cords

Emotional pain body

DNA blockages

Unnatural implants


When we clear our auric field and chakras of these blockages we are able to accrete the higher frequency (light) downloads into our morphogenetic field. This is what enlightenment and ascension are all about, bringing and holding more light into your body so that you can change the particle pulsation rhythm that makes your bio-energetic field and go “up” the multidimensional scale.

Yet right now one of the greatest challenges for Earth and humanity’s ascension is fear. As you are probably aware the hidden agenda of those who want to control Earth and humanity is being exposed like never before. This is great news for humanity’s awakening yet more often than not is having negative effect because many of these hidden agendas project a very dark future and people are getting scared by this. The collapse of the system, the solar flares, natural disasters and other probable futures are only that a PROBABLE FUTURE. We must understand that the future is not set in stone, this is not the way it works, for time is nonlinear and when it comes to the future there are infinite possibilities. This means that all future scenarios already exist, both ascension, peace, harmony and the opposite. What determines which one we get to experience is our frequency and what vision we energize with our thoughts and emotions.

For this very reason, now more than ever, we must raise our frequencies and envision a brilliant future. We are not alone, we are being assisted from the higher realms by highly evolved races but they “need” our help as well.  The more of us who unplug our minds from the matrix and become the frequency holders for the rest of humanity, the easier ascension will be.

How can you fully unplug your mind from the matrix and become a frequency holder for the rest of humanity? By becoming as clear as possible and activating your DNA to its original divine function and highest energetic holding potential. You can start by signing up for a FREE Golden DNA Activation.

Do you feel like you are here on Earth to fulfill a higher mission?

If you have answered yes, yet for some unknown reason you feel that you are not aware of your soul’s purpose, then it is imperative that you clear all the karmic imprints and DNA blockages that prevent you from embodying your Higher Self so that you can re-member what your mission is. For some people the mission and soul purpose is already clear, yet they find themselves unable to fulfill their soul’s contract due to karmic imprints and other energetic blockages that were accumulated mainly during their past incarnations. These energetic blockages keep them on a lower frequency fence, unable to attract the people, places, times, things and events that will lead them to the fulfillment of their soul’s purpose and evolutionary ascension process.


These sessions are intended to assist you in clearing and transmuting the highest priority energetic blockages and past life baggage plus activate your dormant DNA so you can embody your Higher Self, re-member your mission, fulfill your soul’s purpose and ascend to a higher dimension or all the way “up” to Source.

AURIC CLEARING - the ultimate calibration for your auric field. Clears ids (identities), occupants, portals, wormholes, removes discarnates and many more auric attachments to raise your frequency and enhance the Life Force Energy flow throughout your body thus preventing many future dis-eases from manifesting. In this session we remove the highest priority blockages, thought-forms and auric attachments that are causing you the greatest suffering and keep you on a low frequency fence.

KARMA REMOVAL - transmutes your highest priority polarized karmic contracts which are; decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes held consciously and unconsciously that hinder your life. Get out of the strongest “karmic loops”, get rid of deep emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and recover the golden nuggets of wisdom held in those experiences.

Karmic imprints like guilt, codependency, poverty consciousness, unworthiness, shame, etc. are passed on through the DNA. The effects of parental imprints go at least seven generations back. These ids start activating on children around the age of 4 and that is when they start loosing their state of exuberance and start embracing fear, worry, despair, sadness, etc. Parents often raise their children based on how they were raised and project many of their own fears, worries, guilt, shame, lack, unworthiness, etc. to their own children. In this session your Higher self will guide me to clear many collective belief systems and lies that we have accepted and have been passed on from generation to generation.

As we grow and become adults we have consistently and often unconsciously emotionally charged many of these imprints that do not belong to us, yet they greatly influence our life reality and hold us back from our true potential. It is time to stop beating yourself and blaming yourself for this. These are not your karmic imprints, most people are walking the karma from their parents and ancestors and have no idea what their life’s mission is. Once we clear these the person can start to walk their own path, do their own work and fulfill their life’s mission.


DNA Ascension 12 Strand Absolute Blockage Removal-  in order to activate your dormant higher strands of DNA we first must remove energetic blockages and implants that currently are blocking your DNA to activate naturally, since most people have so many lower vibrating energetic blockages that they cannot draw and hold the frequencies from their Higher levels. We also remove energetic blockages from your pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus and medulla oblongata for higher sensory perception and increased intuition. By removing blockages from all your 15 chakras, brain centers and DNA Template we are restoring them to their highest energy holding potential and original divine function.

DNA Ascension Restoration Strands 1-3: currently humans have the highest level of distortions in their first 3 dna strands which correspond to the physical (subconscious), emotional (instinctual mind) and mental (reasoning mind) bodies respectively. These distortions are the main cause of physical, emotional and mental dis-eases. By re-establishing the harmonic interrelationships between these dna strands we are able to restore the Original Organic Blueprint for health and manifest a harmonious communication between the emotional and mental body. Distortions in the 2nd and 3rd dna strands are the main cause for misinterpretation of reality and the source of a life full of drama. Restoring and assembling our chemical DNA is very important if we desire to accrete in our bodies the expansion of consciousness and higher frequencies our etheric DNA Strands hold.

DNA Ascension Activation Stands 4-12: These sessions assist people in “waking up” to their divine purpose here on Earth. The DNA Activation Ascension sessions focus on the removal of blockages that disable the original process of DNA Activation and multiple stages for accelerated DNA Activation of the original 12 Strand DNA Template. The evolutionary path of human consciousness is to activate the higher strands of DNA so that we can ascend through the multidimensional time matrix and merge once again with Source.  These sessions work on all levels of your DNA Template to activate the additional strands of DNA that enable the embodiment of your Higher self and the state of multidimensional awareness.

Increase your particle pulsation rhythm to match the higher frequencies the Earth is experiencing right now and be able to make the ascension time continuum shift to the 4th dimension and higher.  Become a frequency “holder” to assist the rest of humanity in this process of ascension.

In these DNA Activation sessions we will be activating your dormant chakras (which are connected to your DNA Template) and your brain centers (pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus and medulla oblongata) to their highest energy holding potential and original divine function. These brain centers are known as the spiritual centers of higher awareness and divine intuition, the medulla oblongata specifically is known to yoga science as the seat of man’s consciousness. Prepare and get ready for ascension, connect to your Higher self and fulfill your divine purpose now.

DNA Ascension Activation Strands 4-6: accessing your Superconscious Mind and embodying your Soul Identity. This is the identity of your-Self that holds access to your life’s mission.

DNA Ascension Activation Strands 7-9: embodying your Oversoul Identity.

DNA Ascension Activation Strands 10-12: embodying your Avatar Identity.


How many sessions does the Ultimate Auric Calibration Process consists of?

A: 4 sessions. The Auric Clearing, the Karma Removal and DNA Activation (consists of two separate sessions).

How long are the sessions?

A: Each session goes from 45 minutes to an hour.

How do I have my Healing Sessions?

Your DNA Practitioner, Gustavo Castañer will connect to your Higher Self at the time of your session. There are specific pre-session instructions that must be done as well. The healing sessions and activations are all done interactively through GoToMeeting (similar to Skype). At the scheduled session time after performing the pre-session instructions, Gustavo Castañer will connect to your energy field. Gustavo will work with your Higher self to transmute as many fragmentations as possible for you at this point in your evolution. You will recover many golden soul fragments that represents pearls of wisdom and a new download from your Higher self.

How do I order and schedule my healing sessions?

Please visit our Services page at Ascended Relationships for pricing info and to schedule your sessions.

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