Auric clearing sessions are intended to facilitate the permanent transmutation of the highest priority low frequency auric attachments you have from people, places, times, things and events. During an auric clearing we focus on removing auric attachments known as occupants, discarnates, portals and wormholes.

Occupants are very dense and emotionally energized soul fragments. Occupants are created when we go into an analogical state (our mind is in a state of no-time) and whatever thought we identify  with in that moment we fracture a piece of our soul’s energy with the frequency of that thought. When we IDENTIFY and emotionally charge any thought we then create what is known as an Id. or Identity, which can be seen as a personality in the 3D. Occupants are Ids. that have been emotionally energized so many times, often for hundreds of lifetimes, that they have become like a soulless autonomous identity which thinks it owns the body. When an occupant activates it takes over the person thoughts and emotions projecting all the past-accumulated energy (pain, anger, fear, betrayal, shame, guilt, etc.). When the occupant becomes active the person has a re-action and this is when we say or do things we later regret. Occupants are the reason why millions of people often fail to achieve their goals and highest desires even after they read tons of self help books, attend different trainings and seminars. No affirmation, visualization or mental/emotional technique can clear an occupant. Only by entering deep states of mind, the Observer awareness and working with your Higher Self using energy directing techniques and high frequency scalar waves  codes can occupants be cleared. During auric clearings these are the first auric attachments we clear.

During a session often there will be discarnates (entities who have died and have not passed through the light tunnel) attached to the person blocking the auric clearing session from happening. It is quite common to remove a couple or even dozens of discarnates from a person field during an auric clearing session. Discarnates are earthbound entities that project discordant thoughtforms (anger, hatred, fear) into your field to feed of from your emotions. So we require to clear all the karmic ties you have with them and then take them to the plane of bliss so that they can leave your field. Most people are unaware that discarnates exist and when they listen to these voices, which appear to be their own thoughts, they identify with what the voice of the discarnate is saying. When people identify with the low frequency thoughtforms the discarnates are projecting this will result in lowering their self-worth, self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence.

Finally during an auric clearing session we close all open portals and wormholes. Portals are vertical openings in people’s chakra that act like vacuums, sucking other people’s negative emotions and energy. These can leave the person depleted from their own life force energy and feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained, causing low energy levels and fatigue. Wormholes are like tunnels that connect your light body and to another dimension where there are beings (energy vampires) sucking your life force energy.

Auric Clearings are like a major psychic surgery and you will release a very heavy baggage that you have been carrying for LIFETIMES. You will experience a new sense of lightness, freedom and inner silence. Plus you will attract new grid of people, places, times, things and events that resonate with your new high frequency.

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Hi Gustavo

Thank you so much for your auric clearing session today.  Though I do not at this stage know if what I have to tell you will be of any significance for you.

After giving myself ten minutes to settle into a calm state and wait for the session to begin, I did notice that the skin on my arms and legs felt very sensative, like a breath was blowing the hair and the hair was slightly ruffled.  At no time did I feel any discomfort or major sensations.  What I did have was a lot of inner vision.  By inner vision I mean that I was able to distinguish colour behind my eyelids (more than usual). The colour ranged from yellow gold, light magenta, blue, light green and violet.  I was aware that the energy field around me was being "tweeked" there was a feeling of being buffered about, like a cloud changing shape as the wind moves it.  The colours above were intermingled with the movement of my energy field.

I also was aware of a spider matrix, this was in more detail than I have previously noticed it.  There were also the hairy black balls (not sure what these are I just notice them as interesting?)  There are sometimes two but mostly just one.

I will keep you informed of any other interesting things that happen over the next couple of days.


I would be interested in your feedback as well.

Hi Gustavo

I thought I would give you some more feedback.  I have noticed that I have been sleeping far more deeply and am not waking 2 or more times during the night.  My concious mind is much more alert and I am able to concentrate on tasks that I must complete with confidence!  Prior to your clearing I was very mindful of making mistakes and was taking measures to ensure I triple checked things. 

My relationship with my husband has improved beyond my wildest dreams. 

Perhaps the auric clean has in some way also removed some of his stuff from the both of us?

I wish you a very happy holiday season and a great start to 2009.


With love and infinite gratitude